July Box 2022

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Our July Box 2022 includes:

Dream Catcher Pendant

  • Genuine semi precious stones
  • Wear day or night to catch negative energies in your auric field
  • Legend of the dream catcher story card

    Dream Catcher Coin Purse

    • Perfect reminder to remove negative energies and associations from our "coins"

    Chakra Stone Dream Catcher

    • A modern take on the traditional dream catcher
    • Use the tree image to help ground and center your energy
    • Use the chakra stones to balance and support all your energy centers
    • Hand made in Ohio.  Female imagined, designed, created, and owned small business.

    Dream Journal

    • Keep this journal next to your bed to catch your dreams before they disappear
    • Hand made of natural leaves, twigs, twine, and bamboo paper
    • Product Dimensions: 6x8"

    Polished Double Terminated Quartz Point

    • Clear quartz can be programmed for any intention
    • The double termination allows for movement of energy in & out and up & down

    Amethyst Tumbled Pocket Stone

    • Amethyst is the energy of our perfect mother, alleviating the energies of worry, anxiety, stress, and fear
    • Amethyst "opens" and supports the crown chakra allowing us to better understand the highest meanings of existence and our place in the bigger picture