The central mission of Asherah's Box is to encourage the equitable representation of female energies in ALL places of power and decision making.

Our company culture is Real, with a sprinkling of optimism.  Honest, with a large dose of compassion.  We want Love and social justice to be our guide winds.  We want everything we do to be textured with a balance of support and personal accountability.

The products showcased in our boxes are intentionally curated and hand-selected with a focus on support for small businesses and female makers, fierce adherence to ethics, and community responsibility.

Our keepsake wooden boxes are hand made from 100% real oak hardwood, laser etched, and lovingly oiled to protect them for years to come. Crafted by Stanton Studios, a 100% US Veteran owned and operated business.

We strive to purchase all crystals as close to the mine as possible. This helps
ensure quality, authenticity, and ethical sourcing. We believe the financial rewards of mineral harvesting should uplift and benefit the sourcing communities.