Meet the Creators of Asherah's Box

Lia Ricci,

Co-Creator, Box Owner

Lia Ricci is an empathic intuitive, social justice warrior, righteous boss babe, and the Franky to Bethany's Grace.

Having always felt a bit of an outsider, Lia dedicated herself to serving disenfranchised populations through social justice and non profit work.  It was while interning at a NYC syringe exchange and harm reduction center that she was first introduced to holistic healthcare - including reiki, acupuncture, drum circles, and food as medicine.  In true Lia fashion, she dove head first down the rabbit hole, learned, and earned multiple credentials.

After leaving a directorship in the non profit sector to follow her passion for integrated holistic wellness, Lia opened Asherah’s Garden - Full Service Holistic Boutique (where some of our favorite Box Goodies were born) in 2009.  Featuring a crystal gallery, herbal apothecary, and super good vibes, Asherah's Garden continues to serve the community as the premier holistic and metaphysical wonderland of the midwest.

…. Now she is sharing it with the world.

Lia lives in rural Ohio with her loving and rock steady partner, two dogs, and a cat.  All acknowledge her Queendom...except the cat.

Ms. Ricci is a Clinical Holistic Health Practitioner and Holistic Life Coach practicing in Bowling Green, Ohio.  Lia is a graduate of the Ohio Academy of Holistic Health where she studied Clinical Aromatherapy, Energetic Healing, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Medical Herbalism, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Clinical Reflexology & Touch for Health Kinesiology.  Ms. Ricci is a Reiki Master and graduate of New York City's Lincoln Recovery Center's Acu Detox Specialist certification program.  Lia also holds two degrees in psychology and human development from Bowling Green State University.

Bethany LaFlam,

Co-Creator, Box Owner

Bethany LaFlam is an entrepreneur, a seasoned deal lawyer, a mother and a visionary.  With more than 20 years experience practicing law, Bethany has leveraged that expertise into her business life. While her current role as Managing Partner of a boutique Newport Beach law firm focuses primarily on real estate syndications and funds, Bethany began her career in Big Law at a prestigious downtown Los Angeles law firm. Pursuing her dream of running her own business, she later launched a boutique business law firm in Newport Beach, California, advising clients on both legal and strategic matters, and representing businesses on startup, mergers and acquisitions, and securities. 

More than just a lawyer, Bethany is also a witchy intuitive, budding tarot reader,  kitchen-dancing, shower-singing bad ass. And while a self proclaimed weirdo, Bethany is clearly the Grace in this duo.

Bethany grew up in Northeastern Ohio in a working-class family. Putting herself through Bowling Green State University for undergraduate and then Pepperdine University Law School, Bethany applied that Midwestern work ethic to earn her way to becoming an advocate for other women and underserved communities. Being a role model to her daughter, though, is the driving force behind everything Bethany pursues.

Satisfying her desire to serve, Bethany has also been an advisor to and held leadership and board roles with multiple non-profit corporations, including as a Founding Board Member of Team Kids, Inc. One of her greatest memories was as a group facilitator for the Living Peace Series where Bethany was able to see the Dali Lama. At that talk, he said it was Western Women who would change the world and he spoke of the incredible impact of a mother’s love.