About Asherah’s Box

Asherah, thought to be the Queen of Heaven, was likely also the mother of all, a comforter and a protector in an uncertain world. Her identification with trees suggests that Asherah was essentially also Mother Nature. Asherah was, in other words, the OG (Original Goddess), paving the way for us all to tap into our inner goddess. We created Asherah’s Box to create and spread LOVE through the empowerment of women in community.


Asherah’s Box is Woman imagined, founded, created, managed, & inspired. Everything we do, everything we create/plan/provide is intended to uplift, fund, secure, embolden, & praise female energy. We want Asherah’s Box to be a vehicle of financial, spiritual, and personal freedom for those creating it. We want our name to be synonymous with and inspire a fierce adherence to ethics and community responsibility. We want people to receive our product, whether it is a gifted box or a seat at our retreats, to feel open – open to breath, open to change, open to possibilities.