March Box 2022

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Our March Box 2022 includes:

Sacred Feminine Coloring Book

  • Channel your creative side with this engaging coloring book

  • Make time to play while also honoring your feminine energies

    Tree Branch Colored Pencil Set

    • Draw the grounding energies of the trees into your creations!
    • Made from real tree branch trimmings.

    Black Moonstone Bracelet

    • Key Qualities: Goddess Energy, Empowered Feminine Energy, Grounding the knowledge of the mysteries on Earth.
    • Black Moonstone is a mineral in the feldspar group (Comprised of two feldspars - orthoclase and albite). It is the micro layering of the feldspar that creates the sheen effect for which moonstones are known.

    Flower Agate Tower

    • Key Qualities: Personal Growth, Gentle Manifestation, Sacred Feminine
      Blooming into your highest potential for your highest good.
    • Flower Agate is a mineral recently discovered, 2018, in Madagascar. It is comprised of chalcedony plume "flowers" within agate.

    Cacao Latte

    • USDA organic, non-GMO, keto/paleo friendly, plant-based and dairy-free.
    • Made of nutrient-dense cacao powder, MCT-rich coconut oil powder and a touch of coconut sugar.

    Girl Power Sticker

    • Show the world what you are made of!
    • Suitable for indoor or outdoor use.