LIMITED EDITION: Winter Solstice Yule Box 2021

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Solstice Yule Limited Edition Box 2021 includes:

Gold, Frankincense, & Myrrh - Perfect Peace Roll-On

  • A sensuous roll-on made with genuine gold flakes.

  • Use as a personal fragrance, meditation support, grounding assistance, or sacred anointing oil.  Simply roll along your pulse points to release the venerated healing qualities of organic frankincense and myrrh essential oils.

  • Made with genuine gold and organic essential oils of frankincense & myrrh suspended in apricot kernel oil.  Packaged in a reusable and recyclable glass roller bottle.

    Cinnamon and Corn Husk Broom

    • Sweep away negativity and restore clarity to your energetic environment.  Create positive action with every stroke.  Regain centered confidence with each swoop.  

    • Allow the warm spicy sweet scent of cinnamon to strengthen your connection to Mother Earth and bolster your protective energies.

    • Created from authentic corn husk sustainably collected by hand from Ohio fields and organic cinnamon bark.  Secured with hemp cord and adorned with a lead free pewter sun charm.

    • Hand made in Ohio. Female imagined, designed, created, and owned small business.

    Yule Log Slice Ornament

    • Welcome back the Sun!

    • Made by hand from locally sourced Maple hardwood. An adaptation of a Native American sun symbol has been burnt into the wood to celebrate the Winter Solstice.
    • Hand made in Ohio. Female imagined, designed, created, and owned small business.

    Crystal Pyramid

    • Pull down & stabilize the celestial energies

    • Cut and hand polished from either sunstone or moonstone or quartz

    Tree Branch Colored Pencil

    • Draw the grounding energies of the trees into your affirmations
    • Made from real tree branch trimmings

    Organic Bay Leaves

    • Perfect for the Yule fire!
    • 3 organic bay leaves.
    • Bay smoke is believed to reduce stress, depression, and anxiety

    Natural Beeswax Gala Candle

    • Made by hand from 100% pure capping beeswax, safe environmentally friendly dyes, and cotton wicks
    • Up to 45 minutes of burn time provides a perfect visual timer for your yoga, meditation, or journaling practice

    Digital Goodies

    • One-month membership to the Asherah’s Box private Facebook group, Boozy Woo Woo