Asherah’s Box 3 Month Pre-paid Subscription

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Each box is filled with specially curated quality products primarily from female makers and anointed by Asherah.

  • You will still receive a collection of unique items, specifically chosen and hand assembled just for you.
  • Each box is assembled with the goal of empowering your highest creative potential through positive energy, play and an uplifting community.
  • Priced at $60/month, your prepaid price is only $180 (shipping included) for more than $300 worth of gorgeous and unique products. 
  • Each trial subscription also comes with 3 month access to exclusive digital content, access to the Asherah’s Box online community and access to the Asherah’s Box Private Group.
  • AND, yes AND, while a Subscriber, you will get a first peek at our upcoming Boozy Woo Woo Retreats!  

    NOTE: Products vary, what you see here may not be what you get! Each box is intentionally curated and hand-selected.